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Who We Are

Missions at Cheney Church of the Nazarene has been a fundamental part of our history. Currently, it is the ongoing effort to share Jesus with all people near and far. Our Local Missions Council at Cheney Nazarene is part of Nazarene Missions International You may wish to visit the home page to gain an overall understanding of Nazarene Missions. The current elected Mission Council leaders at Cheney are:

Chris Kaplan, President and World Mission Broadcast
Mary Wyborney, Secretary and LINKS
Dennis Smith, Compassionate Ministries and Alabaster
Evelyn Shea, Mission Education
Bob Shea, Work & Witness, Mission Corps


We have Mission Council meetings once a month. We would invite you to join us. Please call the church office for details.


Where to Connect

Through global connection, Cheney Church of the Nazarene participates in variety of areas. Listed are some of the opportunities to connect:

WEF (World Evangelism Fund) Funding God's work through staff missionaries around the world. There are 737 fulltime missionaries serving in 162 world areas. You can give to the fund through Cheney Nazarene by check or electronically.


Evangelism- Jesus Film Harvest Partner


Nazarene Compassionate Ministries- Emergency Relief, Child Sponsorship, Refugee Crisis. We are currently building Crisis Care Kits for distribution. 


Native American Christian Academy: These tiny labels are worth 10 cents each and can be found on many different products such as Kleenex, General Mills cereals, Hamburger Helper and much more. You can access a complete list of eligible products at or call the office and we will send you a list. WHERE TO SEND: If sending the package via USPS, please mail to: Native American Christian Academy, P.O. Box 4013, Sun Valley, AZ 86029


President's Report

Cheney Church of the Nazarene
President’s Report for 2020-2021

2,867 years ago, King Ben-Hadad was sick with an infection. God instructed Elisha to go to Damascus to consult with him. The king wanted to know if he would recover. God gave his answer through Elisha. This past year, we were asking the same question. An illness had infected the lands. While we do not have God’s prophet Elisha, we do have the Spirit of God who gives counsel. God is still in control. The evidence of this is a review what God has done over the past year. A few of our church family members had COVID-19 and like King Ben-Hadad recovered. Fortunately, we do not have to worry about Assyrians overtaking so the future looks good. God is still building his church even under Governor mandated restrictions. Adults and children read missionary books, a combined total of 52, and Adult and Youth mission education was completed. A few weeks prior to COVID-19 “Stay at Home” orders we had two Work & Witness Teams treating nearly 2,500 patients as seeing 213 people becoming new Christians. 61 people recommitted their live to a deeper walk with Christ.

We learned about zooming technology and Pastor Chuck became a video celebrity. Behind the scenes, was streams of living water (or network streaming due to encapsulation) as the Local Mission Council continued their work. A gift from the Lola Phar estate of $300 was sent to NNU in support of a student destined for a future in missions. On our council, Dennis Smith and wife Linda spearheaded a local Jesus Film effort and we are anticipating a blessing from this endeavor. Also, in local support we gave $300 to CRU for their work on campus winning souls and making disciples. We are building relationships with the college students as God allows. During a special session on April 20, 2020 Pastor Chuck Perry introduced Reboot Recovery, an outreach program that he requested support from the local NMI in the way of funding. We approved $1,000 from Faith Promise to help with this local outreach. LINKS- We kept in contact with our assigned missionary family The Carrim’s in South Africa. Global COVID-19 rerouted Errol and Rhonda Carrim however their work continued unhampered. We approved and sent $250 to aid Missionary Healthcare in June. Sadly, we placed Joseph Hinson on the Memorial Roll last summer.


We supported World Mission Broadcast in July giving $250 for this valuable ministry. At the beginning of 2021 we started building Crisis Care Kits and that is to continue into the next church year. So far, we are at 28 kits. I would like to stop and thank Bob and Evelyn Shea, Mary Wyborney, and Dennis Smith for serving on the council. We supported the World Evangelism Fund giving $9,570.87 which put us over the 5.7% of church income placing us in the World Evangelism Church of Excellence status. Alabaster Offering in September and February amounted to $796.41. We hosted Rev. David Ackerman, Asia-Pacific, September 2020 and gave $400 to his missionary work along with a love offering in his support. Again, we were blessed to have Leif and Jami Gustafson, Missionaries to the Buryats, in November 2020 (SEND International). A love offering of $1,275 was giving to them. God does not sleep or slumber nor does Global Pandemics slow His work.

Respectfully submitted, Chris Kaplan


Up-Coming Events

Alabaster Offering in September 2021

Medical Team in August 2021

Nazarene Missions International


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