Nazarene Missions International

Cheney Church of the Nazarene

Who We Are

Missions at Cheney Church of the Nazarene has been a fundamental part of our history. Currently, it is the ongoing effort to share Jesus with all people near and far. Our Local Missions Council at Cheney Nazarene is part of Nazarene Missions International You may wish to visit the home page to gain an overall understanding of Nazarene Missions. The current elected Mission Council leaders at Cheney are:

Chris Kaplan, President and World Mission Broadcast
Mary Wyborney, Secretary and LINKS
Dennis Smith, Compassionate Ministries and Alabaster
Evelyn Shea, Mission Education
Bob Shea, Work & Witness, Mission corps


We have Mission Council meetings once a month. We would invite you to join us. Please call the church
office for details.

Praise Report

The January Work and Witness Medical Team in Honduras stayed healthy and had safe travel due to your prayers. More importantly, 7 different churches and their pastors were encouraged by the love and servanthood administered by the team. In total, 1,428 patients were treated. In addition, 80 Bibles, 100 pairs of reading glasses, 40 baby blankets, and 15 soccer balls were given. The Spiritual team within our group lead 24 people in recommitting their lives back to Christ and 96 became new Christians for the first time! God heard your prayers and hearts were changed! Thank you!

Where to Connect

Through global connection Cheney Church participates in variety of areas. Listed are some of the opportunities to connect.

WEF (World Evangelism Fund) Funding God's work through staff missionaries around the world. There are 737 fulltime missionaries serving in 162 world areas. You can give to the fund through Cheney Nazarene by check or electronically.


Evangelism- Jesus Film Harvest Partner


Nazarene Compassionate Ministries- Emergency Relief, Child Sponsorship, Refugee Crisis. We are currently building Crisis Care Kits for distribution. 


Native American Christian Academy: These tiny labels are worth 10 cents each and can be found on many different products such as Kleenex, General Mills cereals, Hamburger Helper and much more. You can access a complete list of eligible products at or call the office and we will send you a list. WHERE TO SEND: If sending the package via USPS, please mail to: Native American Christian Academy, P.O. Box 4013, Sun Valley, AZ 86029

Upcoming Events

November- Adult Mission Education Sunday mornings at 9:30

      Collection of "Box Tops for Education" for Native American Christian Academy

        World Evangelism Fund (Supporting our Missionaries)- Thanksgiving offering

December- Child sponsorship emphasis

      Community Outreach to families

      Sending service for Mission Team to Central America


Council meeting Wednesday, Dec. 11 at 6:30, room 9

Special Emphasis

Work & Witness is personal involvement in global missions. Cheney Church of the Nazarene has sent teams all over the world over the past 38 years through this program. Our greatest involvement has been developing the Nazarene family in Honduras. This coming year God has called for two more teams to continue to expand this effort. Whereas medical teams do not build physical structures, they do build interrelationships within the Nazarene Churches and a greater connection to the local neighborhoods. During the clinics the local pastor has a chance to meet people who would not otherwise come to their churches. Through prayer and presence of the Holy Spirit we have seen many people give their hearts to Jesus during these events. Medical Clinics build the Body of Christ, His Church. 

Medical Clinics also improve the health of children, mothers-to-be, the elderly, and those who could not otherwise afford some help. Even in a short time much good can be done. Through Restoring Vision we have been able to give reading glasses "restoring sight to the blind" to the glory of God.


Up-Coming Teams:


#1 Work  & Witness: Cheney is sponsoring a team to Honduras in January 2020. This is a Medical Team to the Danli Region. The team is currently full with 16 members on the team. Doctors, medicines and supplies are ready to go. The team needs your prayer!


#2 Work & Witness: A second Cheney sponsored team is going to Honduras in February 2020.  This is an witnessing and Medical Team to the North Coast of Honduras. This team is not full yet and it has 9 members at present. Pray also for this team. Consider joining this team.


We would invite you to come learn and share in what God is doing through us.

Cheney Church of the Nazarene

338 Betz Rd, Cheney, WA